Tony Pocock - British Cycling MTB Coach & Mountain Bike Leader

“Unleashing Freedom: My Mountain Biking Journey Amid Covid-19 Lockdowns”

Amid the Covid-19 lockdowns, I rediscovered the thrill of mountain biking near the enchanting South Downs National Park. As a British Cycling mountain bike leader and mountain bike coach, I can help you get the most out of your event

Prior to this, I co-owned  a top-tier CGI studio specializing in PropTech and visualization for the global commercial sector, collaborating on remarkable projects with exceptional teams.

Embark on an adrenaline-pumping off-road biking adventure, where we conquer rugged terrains with kindred spirits. Join me in embracing the magic of e-bikes for an unforgettable journey!

Surrey Hills

My Mountain Bike History

Nearly 30 years ago, I got hooked on mountain biking and became the proud owner of a Gary Fisher mountain bike. Although mountain bikes have come a long way since then, I cherished that bike while riding along the Thames Path, Oxley Woods, and the North Downs in South East London.

A trip to Afan Forest Park with my now-former Cityscape colleagues convinced me that a full-suspension bike was the way to go. After thorough research, I settled on the Scott Genius, taking my MTB passion to a whole new level. Swinley Forest and the Surrey Hills became my regular and thrilling biking destinations.


Lockdowns hit, and suddenly everyone sought solace in walking and cycling. Covid-19 restrictions became our new norm, igniting a bike industry boom. Witnessing an e-mountain bike on the South Downs sparked my inspiration, recognizing its potential immediately.

Taking demo bikes from a local shop completely changed my perspective on mountain biking’s future. Notably, my wife could finally enjoy long rides without suffering knee pain afterwards, leading us to purchase two e-mountain bikes on the spot!

Over 4000 km and 70000m of ascent in all weather, my passion for exploration led to the birth of SixtySeven70. Providing guided e-bike corporate cycling experiences for team-building across the South Downs National Park, the Surrey Hills, and beyond.